Learning by Doing: persistence always wins

Know the frustration of having experience and not being recognised for it? That is where APL may help you. APL? Yes, Accreditation of Prior Learning. We’ll provide some explanation here. Let’s get right into it and let’s start with a story. 

A story of persisting in learning

Do you know this person that started working when she turned 16 – moved up the career ladder – and at the age of 30/35 does not ‘qualify’ for similar jobs? Let’s talk about Julie. 

School was not her ‘thing’, so she left school at the age of 16 and found a temporary job in a café. She has this sport and winner-mentality. Besides work, she became a top athlete winning several national titles in her discipline. When working in a café, she was quickly recognised as the person who liked to do an hour of bookkeeping a day, just to help ‘the boss’ out. She also found she enjoyed doing it and got interested in this part of the business.

Within 5 years to a key management position…

She moved on to a car-rental and car-repair business. At the age of 25 she managed one car-repair shop as the operations manager and also considered bookkeeping as one of her tasks. She became the trusted person for the owner who over time expanded the business with 4 more car-repair shops. In the end she managed 35 people, 5 car-repair shops, the website and sales and operations. In order to improve her work, she did regular short-courses in bookkeeping & financial management and saw many explainer-videos on the web. She closely worked with the company accountant who considered her as highly knowledgeable and capable. And she managed company growth, delivered the quarterly BAS-‘s and the annual financial statements. Honest, reliable, to-the-point, fair-and-square manager, loved by her colleagues. She was the key person as Operations Manager and Financial Controller.

… and then the “cold shower”

Then, at the age of 30 she resigned…… She wanted three months off and moved to another city. She was sure all opportunities were open, no worries… However, she quickly woke up to reality: in a competitive market she was not even invited for similar positions. Why? Similar positions require, as a minimum, an advanced diploma or bachelor level. After 6 months of intense applying and being rejected, she accepted a job as a receptionist – way below her capabilities. 

Learning by Doing – equalling a bachelor…

What did you think, reading this story? Is experience and a number of short-courses worth nothing in terms of learning? The person in our story is real. Would she really need to go to university to get her associate degree or bachelor for acquiring knowledge she already has? Telling us her story in our intake meeting, her smartness, knowledge and lack of self-confidence became quickly clear – and also her determination. Together we analysed her experiences and achievements. When enrolling into the APL-process we discovered the options: Associate Degree (AD) / Bachelor of Business or Finance & Control. She took a week to reflect on her objectives and consciously chose the AD/B of Business administration, because she discovered that her heart was more in that area.

“… Imagine what this did to her self-esteem….”

MacArthur Institute APL for your career

Within 6 weeks after delivering her professional products and 3 interviews with the APL-assessors, she successfully achieved the Statement of Competence Bachelor Business Administration. She reached directly from a Secondary School diploma (plus a number of non-accredited courses) to the proven Bachelor of Business Administration. Imagine what this did to her self-esteem. And now she is invited for job roles which were out-of-reach before…

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About MacArthur Institute

At MacArthur Institute we help experienced professionals with a minimum 5 years of working (or voluntary) experience to get their level of knowledge and skill approved to achieve an associate degree, a bachelors or at masters level. We work with career switchers and career confirmers.