Career Switch to Conservation: 3 things you need to know

Bored of large corporates? Searching for a career switch in Marketing and Communication with a meaning? Be aware that nature is suffering under our over-use of the planet. Species are under threat and could be saved by sharing information. In other words, dear marketing and communications expert: wildlife needs you…. There are 3 things you need to know!

Did you know that conservation employers look for experienced Marketing & Communication experts

Conservation Careers established that around 41% of job ads on their site include explicitly communication skills or experiences. 25% of these job-ads required deep expertise in the communications field. Opportunity for you? Then click here.

Did you know there are many different types of organisations in the Conservation ‘Industry’

The conservation Industry is a wide ‘category’ of organisations. This could be NGO’s, local Foundations, national lobby organisations and international organisations (or even multi national). The size of the organisations varies from large multinational organisations such as the WWF to medium and small organisations and even voluntary organisations. Many options available and you may need an “organisation-google-maps” to choose and navigate.

Did you know that your Marketing & Communication skills are transferable

More than 8 years marketing and communication experiences in industries other than conservation? We know that career switching becomes the new normal: estimates include minimum 7 career switches per working person now which number will increase in the near future. Transferability and Credibility of skills are key. That is where our focus is.

The Conservation Career Switch Accelerator

Partnering with industry is essential to understand how transferable skills are meant and needed. MacArthur Institute partners with Conservation Careers to offer a suitable programme for career switchers who aim to switch towards a job in wildlife conservation. Together we know how expertise is transferable and credible. Improving opportunities for career switchers in Marketing & Communication and Wildlife!

If you want to know more, go to: https://macarthurinstitute.org/conservation-career-switch-accelerator-communication/

About MacArthur Institute

At MacArthur Institute we help experienced professionals with 5 to 35 years of working (or voluntary) experience to prove their capabilities into associate degree, a bachelor or masters level. We work with career switchers to improve their lives.