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We are here to answer all of your questions. If you would like any information about our Accreditation of Prior Learning processes, where they come from, how they are recognised or even how they can help you, then you should get in touch. 

Below we have tried to anticipate the questions that you may have in making your decision about progressing with MacArthur Institute. We will be adding to this page frequently as we field questions from our clients and stakeholders. So please visit often.

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Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

What is Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)?

APL stands for Accreditation of Prior Learning. It is a process in which we focus on experiences, in professional roles as well as voluntary roles. The experiences are assessed against the criteria of an associate degree, bachelor or master and leads to an accredited Statement of Competence at associate degree, bachelor or master.

The APL process for MacArthur Institute is undertaken by a series of assessments that allow the formation of joint opinion for the outcomes to be awarded and recommendations for further development in the direction of your objectives.

How long does the APL process take?

The whole process normally takes around 4-10 weeks to complete, based on the evidence, assessors report, referee availability and acceptance for the moderation panel for the full report.

The process is reliant also on the candidate providing the agreed evidence in a timely manner. We understand that sometimes this is not possible and when this does occur, we work with the client to set the programme of outcomes.

What do you need to provide to the process of Accreditation of Prior Learning?

The process requires you to provide your time towards interviews on several occasions. Firstly, the intake will determine your eligibility and your roadmap for the APL process. Jointly we will address your objectives, potential outcomes in terms of associate degree, bachelor or master level. Following this, 2 x Assessors are appointed who will work with you through interview and documentary evidence.

At all times, you will be informed of the next steps in the process and your requirements to provide evidence. Evidence is agreed by you during the interview phase.

What is the outcome? What will I receive?

You will receive the full Professional Capability Report which accurately describes your competences against the chosen associate degree, bachelor or master qualification. You will receive the accredited Statement of Competence in the chosen qualification, for example the bachelor of business or associate degree human resource management (have a look at our offer or contact us).

Our Accreditation of Prior Learning processes are accredited against the European Qualification Framework (EQF) which is mapped against the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). For more information have a look at our AQF – EQF page.


How is the outcome accredited?

The APL-outcome is accredited against the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The EQF is matched against the Australian Qualification Framework by the European Union and the Australian government and as such internationally valued. 

All qualifications have a unique number that any person can check on the validity fo the qualification through the EU central database.

How can the MacArthur assessors determine my competencies, including the level of outcome?

Our assessors are thoroughly trained and comply with a strict set of guidelines and regulations. This includes having two assessors undertake the process with the candidate to form an overall opinion including recommendations before the Professional Capability Assessment report is issued to the moderation & approval board.

All assessors are qualified to at least the level above the qualification they are assessing and are specialised in their areas of expertise.

What sort of evidence is required

In general the documentary evidence should provide evidence of experience you gained. Evidential documents you wrote or contributed to could include project plans, operational reports, marketing plans, sales evaluations, job or role descriptions, project evaluations, policies & procedures, project progress reports, progress reports, feasibility studies, business cases or emails that reflect activities as such. 

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Enrolment and Payment

Do I have to pay all fees in advance?

No your payments are split according to the process and according to the APL-product you are interested in. Ask your enrolment officer for more information.

Are my fees protected?

Yes – your fees are placed in a trust fund and only drawn down on completion fo the full assessment process. This of course is dependent on how you pay for the process. 

You have full rights under the legislation of Fair Trading and you also have the right to request a refund of fees paid in advance (if any).

MacArthur Institute typically stages payments according to progression of the candidate through the process.

Do you have a refunds policy?

Yes – MacArthur Institute complies with the standards that are established by the European Union, as well as the legislation standards of Australia and New Zealand. It is a requirement that we comply with these standards at all times.

Should you wish to apply for a refund, please read the Candidate Guide for the complete process. This includes your rights under your local laws, should you not be satisfied with the results.

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Your Rights, Appeals, Cancellation and Refunds

Do you comply with Australia and NZ law?

Yes – as the authorised representative of Vigor NL, we are required to comply with local legislation wherever we operate. This means that you have the right to appeal a decision, request a refund, cancel at any time and even have a cooling off period.

All of these standards applied by MacArthur Institute can be found in our Candidate Handbook which is provided to you prior to any enrolment.

Do you have a complaints process?

We don’t expect any complaints, however if there is a complaint, then we will work with the candidate to overcome any issues. If required the candidate can include a third party to assist in the complaints process.

It is our aim to provide clients exactly what they are signing up for. Should this not meet the criteria, then we are more than happy to assist. Our reputation relies on it.