Accredited Learning – the AQF and EQF compared – the international valuation of bachelor and master

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Our clients regularly ask: what is the value and the level of the bachelor’s or master’s APL’s on your list? Good question – and our advice is to always look at the Qualification Framework Level! Let me explain in further detail, the AQF and EQF. 

AQF: Australian Qualification Framework explained

In Australia, the federal and state governments have implemented the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). The AQF has 10 levels – starting with Certificate I, II, III, IV – up to Bachelor (6 and 7), Master (9) and PhD (10). The collective governments have described what the various levels encompass. 

Educational institutes are only allowed to issue these qualification levels when they are officially registered and adhere to accreditation rules, determined and audited by for example, ASQA (vocational) and TEQSA (higher education). The entire system of laws, regulations, AQF and governing bodies (such as ASQA and TEQSA) function as a warrant for the level, quality and integrity of our qualifications and education. In other words: this mechanism ensures and protects the value of your diploma, bachelor or master.

The European Qualification Framework (EQF): similar to the AQF

The European Qualification Framework is determined by the European Union and the 29 participating countries in the so-called Bologna process. This Bologna process matched tertiary educational levels of the 29 participating countries. 

It resulted in an 8-level European Qualification Framework and ensured the equivalency of all levels of degrees (including bachelor’s and master’s) across all participating countries. The Bologna process also resulted in a system in which each country harmonised laws, regulations and governing bodies. This ensures not only the level and quality of qualifications within the system, but also protects the quality and value of a EQF-issued bachelor’s or master’s degree. Potentially YOUR degree. 

AQF and EQF compared: levels are matched and deemed equivalent!

Due to a globalising world, and more and more professionals working in international environments, the Australian government and the European Union matched the AQF and EQF levels in 2015. The qualification frameworks are matched, and deemed to be equivalent by all participants, including the Australian government. The equivalency, as decided by the Australian government and the European Union, is based upon a comprehensive and intensive joint research project. 

To view the equivalency table, click here. Or to view the full Comparative Analysis Report, click here.

A globalising world: internationally recognised qualifications matter!

In a globalising world (via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.), international recognition of qualifications do matter. MacArthur Institute offers a process in which to achieve accredited recognition for your learning in your profession against a designated bachelor or master level in the areas of Human Resource Management, Business, Marketing, Communication and Hospitality & Tourism.